A Hatchet Campaign Against Madonna’s Album?

Let’s face it–Elton John is a vile human being. When Princess Diana died, the grotesque human literally raped her death for all the money it was worth and recorded a remake of “Candle In The Wind.”

Elton then went on every talk show and pretended to be Diana’s best friend, even though he wasn’t. To make things worse, he made a single on his then current album a B-side of the “fundraising” record for some extra promotion.

Throughout the years, he has insulted other stars such as Billy Joel, Madonna, George Michael, etc. not because he had anything legit to say, but because they continue to sell a lot better than he does. Elton John certainly is one of the most talented recording artists of all time. However, he is now a desperate has-been who will say and do anything to get attention. Don’t even get me started on his decision to have children at such an advanced age. I won’t even talk about Elton being nothing but a sugar daddy to David Furnish, another vile human (we’ll get to that in another story).

I have two very good sources that say Elton has been in touch with a popular (but completely reviled) gossip columnist who is only relevant because the Drudge Report often posts his stories (Economist).

candle in the wind

This certain gossip columnist, who has been fired several times from legit news outlets, now has his own website where he often starts hate campaigns against certain A-listers. At a MusicCares event, Elton and the columnist (who are friends) allegedly discussed how to destroy Madonna’s next musical project by citing poor sales, poor chart positions, etc. when compared to Madonna’s previous efforts.

Elton John allegedly blames the falling-like-a-brick status of Gaga’s career on Madonna and thinks that the Queen of Pop needs her karma. This can’t be completely discounted given Elton’s hissy fit when Madonna beat him and Gaga for a Golden Globe award a couple years back. Madonna took the high road when Elton freaked out, but that didn’t stop him from calling her the “C” word on national television.

We talked to a person, who preferred not to be named publicly, who works closely with Elton John. “Elton dislikes Madonna, there is no doubt about that. But I haven’t heard anything about him trying to sabotage Madonna’s career. He can be angry, but going as far as you claim just doesn’t sound like something Elton would do. I’ve known him for over 20 years and think this is nothing but crazy gossip made up by people who have no lives.”

We hope Madonna’s manager and other media outlets become aware of this situation. It is absolutely unethical, but not surprising, if true.