Why Women Still Need To Fight Anorexia

Halle Berry is working on a new television science fiction drama called Extant and I was on the set yesterday in Beverly Hills. First, let me say right up front – I am not a big fan of Halle Berry.

I think she is a hugely overrated actress who only won an Oscar for political reasons, not talent. Still, I was upset to see her look the way she did – thinner than a pencil and looking like she was going to make herself barf any second.

Others on the Las Vegas set were more enthusiastic. One told me they were surprised how beautiful she looked for her 48 years. Berry also seems to get along with the cast and crew very well. Good for her–but I went home (or to my temporary home) thinking about how acceptable it is for a woman to look skinnier than a pencil that’s been sharpened a thousand times (Forbes). Yet, if Halle Berry weighed twenty more pounds, had a couple of wrinkles, and didn’t try and act like a 20-year old, she’d be criticized for letting herself go. Women, including escorts, can’t win these days in showbiz–they are either too young, too old, too wrinkly, too fat, etc.

The issue of weight problems and self-esteem hits all areas of the entertainment industry, including prostitution in Sin City. An informal survey of many of the Asian escorts in Las Vegas revealed that there is a large amount of pressure for these call girls to keep their weight down.

You have tabloids like the Daily Mail earning millions by criticizing women every day for not looking perfect. You barely read articles about how wrinkly Mick Jagger looks, how Bruce Springsteen is refusing to act his age, how much weight Leonardo DiCaprio has gained, etc.


The worst part about this is how other women eat it up. They love to see other women ostracized. They love to see other successful women fail. It’s not men, anymore, who keep women back; it’s other women.

Has anybody told Halle Berry that she is WAY too skinny and that it is dangerous for her health? Halle obviously only listens to “YES!” people and cannot stand to see herself criticized.

Halle, I doubt you’ll ever come across this article. But if you do, please eat a doughnut – or two. I’ll even buy them for you! And for the rest of you, stop spending your time wallowing in online misogyny. Someday in the near future, Ms. Berry may be able to look like a normal human being without being criticized.